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Poem: Comics

October 27, 2010

Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?
Did the Dark Knight Return with The Dark Phoenix?
I know Watchmen live in The House of M
Where they’ll stay till The End

Couldn’t stop trick-or-treating during The Long Halloween
I won the Laughing Game with a Killing Joke
But The Night Gwen Stacy Died
All that went down, The OMAC Project spied

Oh that epic battle where it was Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World
When that Hush fell over the battlefield
It was all part of some Secret Invasion
That left us all a-Quiver, at our stations.

When we learned about the Death of Superman, it made us cry
As did when we heard Spider-man say “No More!”
Pain signed in a deal called the Judas Contract
But we know, Heroes will be Reborn, with a certain knack

So turn the page and keep on reading
Let the colors and the emotions keep on bleeding
Because the heroes are only heroes
When we let our imagination reduce the pages left to zero


Poem: The Great Succinct Love Poem

September 21, 2010

You are as beautiful as the sun
This poem is now done

Poem: Oprah

September 9, 2010

Well, since Reading for Robin is subtly campaigning for a spot on the Oprah Winfrey Show, I think Creative Bender should overtly do the same. So, Oprah, I hope you are reading this!

Oh Oprah
How I loved you in “The Color Purple”
Though I have never seen it
What rhymes with “purple”?

Oh Oprah
Your show went from somewhat trashy
To nothing but classy
Great, now the rhyming scheme is off.

Oh Oprah
I wish I was in your audience
And looked under my chair for some goodies
Though I imagine the taxes are huge on that sort of thing

Oh Oprah
You have so many celebrity friends
I bet you hang out with them all the time
And not only when they want to use you for a means to an end

Oh Oprah
Some of your shows make me cry
Just like a big, babbling baby
Especially the ones with free stuff (Did I mention already?)

Oh Oprah
Your book club opened my eyes and ways
To stories beyond pop-up
Whatever happened to that chap James Frey?

Oh Oprah
Soon you will leave us
And go to a channel called the Oprah Winfrey Network
Wait…OWN? I get it!

Oh Oprah
Though your weight my yo-yo
My love for you never will
Despite never watching a complete episode
Still more than I have seen of “The Color Purple”!

Oh Oprah
I feel like I’ve screwed this whole poem up
Can I still come on your show
And lament the fact that I am not really that creative?

Oh Oprah
Oprah, Oprah, Oprah
Oprah, Oprah


Poem: Famous

August 12, 2010

I want to be famous
Have my face plastered all over
Become an idol
Shine bright like a supernova

People’ll ask for my authograph
I’ll sign like it ain’t nothing
Smiles for the cameras
See that hot new starlet, have a fling

Make the big bucks
Buy millionaire items
Luxuriate in my big pool
Hangers on? I wouldn’t mind ‘em

Win some awards, at least a few
Stack them on my mantle place
Thank the people, big and small
Put on that humble and grateful face

Fame may ring hollow
It won’t last forever
But who wants to live forever
When in the end, we all pull the same lever

Give me superficiality
Give me the pleasures of the flesh
I am not that deep anyways
My morals fall through the mesh

Arrest me, throw my into jail
That’ll only make my star rise
Bad behavior is often rewarded
Any publicity is its own prize

And when I have finally hit rock bottom
When it looks like my career is at an end
Why, I’ll just go on a reality show
And it’ll start all over again

Being famous is the new American dream
Fifteen minutes is now two hours
The draw of fame, as ugly as it may be
Is simply a strong, irresistible power

Poem: Karaoke

June 23, 2010

I wanted Lady GaGa but they gave me Paul McCartney
How can we even call this a party?
People are milling around, not paying attention
So I start to sing like I’m a Muppet from John Henson

I bust out the first verse, get people to their feet
Pretty soon, I’ll be the singer they all want to meet
Now I’m at the chorus, belting it all on key
You wouldn’t have thought I was a singer, little ole me

Then “Highway to Hell” hits and the bar is rockin’
You know “These Boots Were Meant for Walkin.”
Even the little old lady gets up and grabs the mic
And imitates Fergie on “Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night”

Arms around each other, we sway to the music
Once you open your mouth, it is so easy to do it
Not everyone can be on “American Idol”
But in karaoke, the joy of singing is tidal

Poem: Ode to a Father

June 20, 2010

Glove in hand
You taught me how to play
Put me on my own two feet
And showed me how to stand

Worked hard to provide
So we may never suffer
Stood up for our family
So that we may never hide

Always there with a smile and a joke
Keeping us in stitches
And when I am down
There with an encouraging poke

No one can ask for a better role model
On how to be a great man
Knowing when to stay quiet
And when to push it full throttle

You are my hero
Super powered and all
In my lists of greatest dads
You are next to zero

So I take this moment to praise you
Though I do that every day
You mean so much to me
For everything that you do

Poem: The Bad Days

June 5, 2010

Oh, the bad days
Nothing goes your way
When things turn sour,
Every half-an-hour

Oh, the bad days
Full of what mays
All of that worse luck
Has got you stuck in the muck

Oh, the bad days
Clouding your happiness in a haze
It just gets bleaker and bleaker
Your response, meeker and meeker

Oh, the bad days
The heart, they do slay
Maybe never again smile
Or at least for a while

But me, I’m an optimist
For tomorrow is another day
One that may bring joy
And make the bad days seem so far away

Poem: Surrender

May 16, 2010

Like a great army
Admitting defeat
Don’t be so smary
You have been beat

No place left to go
Or retreat
You and I both know
How to end this neat

Backed into a corner
Get out of the heat
Or else you’ll only leave a morner
Escape is not a viable feat

No ninth inning comeback
No savior to meet
You have run the race around the track
Time to get off the street

So surrender and go home
I won’t tell anyone the deets
Just remember never to roam
And you’ll never again know the agony of defeat

Poem: Sleep

May 1, 2010

Darling, lay your head to rest
And let you imagination be the best
Close your eyes and drift away
Leaving nothing left to say

Curl up in that big old bed
Or on that comfy couch instead
Await the arrival of the Sandman
Drift off to Slumberland

Catch those Zs
Sleeping you will be
And as you sleep
I won’t make a peep

I’ll just curl up beside you
And dream of some future view
Of us together like this
Forever, and I don’t want it to be amiss

Poem: What’s In Me

April 23, 2010

The worms dig into my brain
Robbing me of knowledge
The flies that reside in behind my eyes
Make my vision cloudy
Cotton is in my throat
Choking my speech

In my heart, lies weeds
Growing more and more with each pump
My lungs breath deep in pollen
Making me cough and wheeze
Something foul resides in my stomach
Soaking up nutrients

My knees creak with rust
Throbbing with pain
My feet are covered in moss
Impeding my flight away
Yet, still, somehow, someway
I live with a smile upon my face.