Hollow Oak University

Hollow Oak University follows researchers Berkeley and Chester and their boss Dr. Harvey at the prestigious Hollow Oak University, located in a universe where small woodland creatures known as Dirigibles pursue many different avenues in the search for knowledge. Of course, those avenues often have roadblocks and potholes and the work carried out by Berkeley and Chester often ends up exploding, failing, or trying to take over the world.

The series centers on problems encountered in everyday research, academia, and social interactions, but through a funhouse mirror. Written by myself and drawn by Sean, we combine our experiences in engineering and mathematics to hopefully bring some humor to what many outside of these fields think is a boring or incomprehensible subject. Currently, the series updates every Monday, but with the goal to produce more comics per week and possibly launch an independent webpage if there is enough interest. You can find the comic strips already published under the “Hollow Oak University” tag or “Comic” category.

Hollow Oak University: A little research is a funny thing.


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